Case Study : Our Local Branch in Quebec

At the Virtual Guardian Foundation, we believe in the importance of smaller local initiatives. Unlike projects that seek to cover the entire planet, they allow us to offer services that are adapted to the real needs of individuals in a region. They also enable us to establish key partnerships with local organizations living in that reality. On this page, you will find several examples of projects from our main local branch, which is located in the province of Quebec (Canada).

Internet, the new game field

The Internet comes with its share of challenges, but also its share of opportunities. As more and more people become isolated at home, one of the only ways to reach them is where they take refuge: online. Here are some examples of services we currently offer that you can easily implement in your part of the world.

Online Community

Since the end of August 2020, the FGV has launched a new free service of prevention and awareness to various issues present on the web in the form of a server on the digital platform Discord. This new server, in addition to being a source of information and resources, is also a peer support community made up of passionate people who want to make the Internet a healthier and safer place for everyone.

Online Campaigns

In addition to our own awareness and prevention campaigns, we participate in theme days, weeks and months by creating and disseminating content adapted to the digital reality. It is always a pleasure to use our expertise to help our partners’ initiatives. Use the power of social media to its full potential by integrating it into your various projects


Twitch, Facebook, YouTube… Many of our stakeholders and partners are also broadcasters on various online platforms. This allows us to add additional windows to our awareness and prevention campaigns, in addition to interacting directly with our target audience.

Online Streetwork

Our team of digital sentinels is present and proactive online in different communities. This allows us to reach out to people in distress who are usually unreachable. Our team of digital sentinels is present and proactive online in different communities. This allows us to reach out to people in distress who are usually unreachable. This can be on Facebook groups, on Reddit, in chats on twitch, or even directly in video game servers.

Do not forget more traditional methods

Even though we are primarily online, it is important not to neglect the face-to-face. As we do, working with schools, events, organizations, and physical facilities in your region will allow you to build a strong connection with the ecosystem you want to evolve in.

Special projects

Since the Virtual Guardian Foundation was designed to deal with the reality of technological and digital development, we are able to adapt quickly to meet the new challenges of society. This allows for the implementation of temporary initiatives with immediate and concrete results.

Example: Gamers en Quarantaine (GeQ)

Gamers en Quarantaine (GeQ) was a virtual gathering place for coaching and entertainment created by various individuals from the video game and esports community in Quebec.

Following the announcement of the lockdown imposed on educational institutions on March 13, 2020, the Virtual Guardians Foundation took the initiative to create a space around esports, in order to keep young gamers non-isolated and to share information, training and entertainment content on the theme of video games. The project, which was only supposed to last a few weeks, will last throughout the confinement and will gradually end at the end of summer 2020.

Gamers were invited to join the Gamers in Confinement Discord channel to participate in recreational tournaments, spontaneous games, trainings, lectures and discussions on a variety of topics related to video games and esports. Esports coaches, moderators, and even speakers are available on the server to oversee the event and enrich the experience of the participants.

Access to the server and its resources was free and open to all.

Our Gamers in Quarantines initiative was part of the #PlayApartTogether movement, supported by the World Health Organization (WHO).


⭐ Over 800 participants.
⭐ Over 40 volunteers (speakers, coaches, teachers, etc.)
⭐ Over 300 organized activities (workshops, trainings, tournaments, budding geniuses, etc.)

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